Multilingual communication in the clinic with the OnScreenCommunicator

Multilingual clinic communication

In everyday hospital life it often happens that patients do not speak English and do not understand English.
This makes communication between doctor and patient extremely difficult when no "interpreter" is present.
The "Multilingual Clinic Interface" of the OnScreenCommunicator in combination with the "WorldWide" module is ideal for this case.

How it works for the doctor

The "Multilingual Clinic Interface" offers the physician an extensive collection of phrases about which he can ask questions or give instructions to a foreign patient.
The phrases are subdivided into subject areas and branch out via a tree structure so that the desired sentence can be selected from a large set of phrases.

The doctor selects the appropriate sentence in English and the sentence is pronounced in the language of the patient.
The language is selected via a national flag, which the patient can click on if it is not clear which language he speaks.
More than 40 languages are available.
The physician's interface is already ideally preconfigured with all required subject areas.

How it works for the patient

The patient receives his own tablet computer, which he can use to respond.
The surface of this tablet is perfectly preconfigured for the patient.

The patient can select answers and sentences on his surface in his own language in order to react to the doctor's questions and instructions.
The answers and sentences selected by the patient are pronounced in English so that the patient is understood by doctors and nursing staff.
The clinic interface supports over 40 languages.
The time saved in communication with foreign patients and the prevention of misunderstandings make the clinic interface an important and valuable aid in everyday hospital life.